Yarn Braiding Machine

Yarn Braiding Machine

I.Technical Parameter

  1. Electric motor(Servo motor);1.5KW x 2, The speed is stepless adjustable.
  2. Also can choose to configure ordinary motor for frequency control of motor speed.
  3. Dimension: Length x Width x Height : 1500 x 1160 x 1580mm
  4. Drive plate diameter: 140mm
  5. Drive plate rotational speed:180r/min, stepless adjustable
  6. Spindle speed:0-20 r/min, stepless adjustable
  7. Independent thin oil lubrication system
  8. Braiding center height: 1 meter
  9. Bobbin Dimension: Φ70 x Φ21x Φ210

II.Traction machine

The machine is used with yarn braiding machine.

III. Automatic spinning machine(bobbin winding machine)

Yarn Braiding Machine