Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of braiding machines with more than 35 years of history. Our machines have been exported to many countries, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, USA, Italy, Turkey, India, UK, etc… .Working closely with customers helps us to build quality products that meet or exceed compatibility and functional requirements.

FAQ for Steel Wire Braiding Machine

1.  Why choose us as your supplier?
We are most professional in steel wire braiding machine with more than 30
years of experience
2.  What wires can you machine braid?
A. Stainless steel wire
B. Copper lad steel wire
C. Copper wire
3. What application of your braiding machine?
Popular for both rubber hose and metal hose manufacturing

 We need to know the following information to quote you correct machineries:
1.What outer diameter of the hose you want to braid?
2. Structure of the braid?
How many carriers/bobbins you need for braiding your hose? For instance, 24, 36,64,72,96,128 carrier, etc.