Products introduction

Brief conduction of the braiding machine:

Wire diameter:0.3mm to 0.8mm
No.of spindles:16 to 128 spindle braiding machine
ID of the braids:4mm to 600mm
Material of wires:stainless steel,galvanized carbon steel, copper wire

Horizontal High Speed Wire Braiding Machine for Rubber Hose

Horizontal High Speed Wire Braiding Machine for Rubber Hose

Horizontal High Speed Wire Braiding Machine for Rubber Hose


High-speed wire braiding machine main techaprameters
Product modelBJZ16-2SBJZ20-2SBJZ24-2SBJZ36-2S
Spindle Rpm(r/min)4838.43218
Max.Braiding diameter(mm)15222545
Bobbin capacity(kg)
Braiding angle54°44″54°44″54°44″54°44″
Machine dimension5800*1816*21005800*1816*21005800*1816*21005800*1816*2300

3. Machine pictures:

High Speed Steel Wire Braiding Machine
High Speed Steel Wire Braiding Machine  

CaterpillarHigh Speed Steel Wire Braiding Machine
Auto lubrication system
High Speed Steel Wire Braiding Machine

Braiding detailsHigh Speed Steel Wire Braiding Machine

Matched maunfacturing facility:
High-speed wire re-winding machine


This machine is a kind of steel wire knitting machine auxiliary equipment, it is to much with steel wire according to certain order wrapped around the spool wire weaving machines, used for steel wire knitting machine.
High-speed wire re-winding machine is our cmpany to develop design and manufacturing of the forth geeration of wire re-winding machine.

High Speed Steel Wire Braiding Machine for Metal Hose

Structure and feature:
The take-up parts adopt fully automatic digital control (PLC+HMI)
Taking part adopts professional pay-off motor control of pat-off tension brake type, has the characteristics of the pay-off tension constan.
Determine the tension good permanent.
Disconnect aytomtically stop.
The line in fixed length function.
Three color alarm prompt.
The fault prompt functions.

ZHG-B Bobbin re- winding machine
ModelLay-off Speedtake-up control methodlay off control methodwinding diameterdiameter of wireNo.of wireOverall dimensions
ZHG-B 1210PLC+human-computer interfaceelectricΦ180Φ0.2-Φ0.4123658x1160x1840
ZHG-B 1810PLC+human-computer interfaceelectricΦ181Φ0.2-Φ0.5184533x1130x1840

FAQ for Steel Wire Braiding Machine

1.  Why choose us as your supplier?
We are most professional in steel wire braiding machine with more than 30 years of experience

2.  What wires can you machine braid?
A. Stainless steel wire
B. Copper lad steel wire
C. Copper wire

3. What application of your braiding machine?
Popular for both rubber hose and metal hose manufacturing

We need to know the following information to quote you correct machineries:
1.What outer diameter of the hose you want to braid?
2. Structure of the braid?
3.How many carriers/bobbins you need for braiding your hose? For instance, 24, 36,64,72,96,128 carrier, etc..