96 carriers wire braiding machine ready to ship


We are honored to announce that our factory has recently completed the production of a brand new 96-spindle braiding machine and will soon deliver it to our valued customers in Brazil. This advanced braiding machine will play a key role in the Brazilian customer’s production line, helping its metal hose business to reach new heights.

This 96-spindle knitting machine is the latest achievement of our company in the field of technology research and development, which brings together the wisdom and hard work of our engineering team. Through innovative design and efficient manufacturing, we have successfully built a powerful, stable, and reliable machine that will revolutionize the production process of metal hoses for Brazilian customers.

Braiding machines play a vital role in the metal hose manufacturing industry by interweaving metal wires into strong and durable hose structures. The 96-spindle braiding machine can ensure precise weaving while running at high speed, which greatly improves production efficiency and product quality. Its flexible configuration options can also accommodate different sizes and types of metal hoses, bringing greater flexibility and diversity to customers’ production lines.

Comflex 96-spindle-wire-braiding-machine


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