BJZ 96 carriers wire braiding machine delivery


BJZ 96 carriers wire braiding machine

BJZ series steel wire braiding machine is a high-speed steel wire braiding machine developed and designed by our company; this machine has the advantages of high speed, which is more than double the work efficiency compared with an ordinary steel wire braiding machine, easy operation, and high precision; this machine adopts automatic control, PLC+ Human-machine dialogue interface and servo drive motor. The braiding accuracy is greatly improved, and the operation difficulty of workers is reduced; the large-capacity spool saves wire waste and reduces the frequency of wire changing, and enhances the work efficiency; fixed-length braiding function; fault detection function; three-color alarm display.

Main Technical Parameters

  1. Control form:Automatic digital control (plc + man-machine interface)
  2. of the spindle:96carriers
  3. Drive motor: frequency conversion + servo motor (frequency conversion control of braiding part, traction servo drive)
  4. Braiding angle:30-60°
  5. Bobbin capacity kg:9kg
  6. Braiding pitch:209-698
  7. Speed of spindle r/min:5(design speed)5(actual working speed)
  8. Total power:39kw
  9. Number of braiding layers at one time:1 layer
  10. Noise reduction protection: full-protection
  11. Caterpillar structure: horizontal
  12. Caterpillarpressing method: pneumatic
  13. Voltage:380V  50HZ
  14. Dimensions (length × width × height): 8297 × 6510 × 5734 (machinenet size)
  15. Dimensions (length × width × height): 8297 × 6510 × 4085 (outside dimensions after installation)

Comflex BJZ 96 carriers wire braiding machine delivery


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