ZGB 24 carriers wire braiding machine shipping to India


This product is a new type of wire braiding machine manufactured by our company. This machine adopts the principle of controlled rotation; the spindle is performed by circular track; it breaks through the principle of 8-word handover machines at home and abroad; this machine is a new type of steel wire braiding machine with high technology advanced technology.

  1. Working principle: rotary type
  2. of carriers: 24 pieces/dish
  3. Control form: automatic digital control (plc+ man-machine interface)
  4. Drive motor: full servo motor drive
  5. Spindle speed: 68r/min (design speed), 60r/min (actual working speed)
  6. Bobbin capacity : 13KG
  7. Hose braided inner diameter (maximum): Φ25mm
  8. Center high: 1311mm
  9. Total power:14kw
  10. Dimensions mm: 4420*2539*2590



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