Double Decker Wire Braiding Machine

Port:Shanghai, China 
Production Capacity:500 Sets/Year
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Name:Double Decker Steel Wire Braiding Machine
Wire Diameter::0.3mm To1.0mm
Gbg24- Gbg128:Braiding ID4 Till 400mm
ID of The Braids:4mm to 600mm
No.of Spindles:16 to 72 Spindle Braiding Machine
Material of Wires::Stainless Steel,Galvanized Carbo


Double Decker Wire Braiding Machine

Double Decker Wire Braiding Machine for Metal Hose

Product description 
The wire braiding machines we can make as follows:
Wire diameter:0.3mm to 1.0mm
No.of spindles:16 to 76 spindle braiding machine
ID of the braids:4mm to 600mm
Material of wires:stainless steel,galvanized carbon steel, copper wire

Double decker wire braiding machine

Type No.Braid ID
rotation speed of spindle
braiding anglePitch(mm)pulling speed
no.of carriersMotor power(KW)
BG-2S164-1024.854°44′9-2213-3332Y132M1-6 5.5KW
BG-2S206–1319.854°44′13-2915-34.540Y132M1-6 5.5KW
BG-2S2410–3114.2554°44′22–6921–6648Y132M1-6 5.5KW
BG-2S3615–451054°44′33–10022–6672Y132M1-6 6.0KW
BG-2S4830–757.2554°44′66–16629–7296Y132M1-6 9.5KW

Double decker braiding machine with sound proof

Double Decker Wire Braiding Machine for Metal Hose

Factory show

Products Introduction

Our customer

Double Decker Wire Braiding Machine for Metal Hose

Company information
We are professional manufacturer of steel wire braiding machine with more than 35 years of history. Our machines are widely used in many industries: rubber hose, cable and stainless steel metal hose manufacturing.The sizes cover 16 carrier from 128 carrier braiding machine, the wire diameter starts from 0.2 till 1.0mm. Our braiding machines are horizontal types which enable heavy tensile strength.

FAQ for Steel Wire Braiding Machine
1.  Why choose us as your supplier?
We are most professional in steel wire braiding machine with more than 30
years of experience

2.  What wires can you machine braid?
A. Stainless steel wire
B. Copper lad steel wire
C. Copper wire

3. What application of your braiding machine?
Popular for both rubber hose and metal hose manufacturing

We need to know the following information to quote you correct machineries:
1.What outer diameter of the hose you want to braid?

2. Structure of the braid?
How many carriers/bobbins you need for braiding your hose? For instance, 24, 36,64,72,96,128 carrier, etc.


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