SCJ-80 series High Speed Soft Core Wrapping and Unwrapping Machine


Product Description

This product is a new type of wrapping and unwrapping machine developed and designed by our company. The machine adopts automatic digital control (man-machine interface + PLC control), and uses the brake tension motor to control the cloth tension, which greatly improves the quality of the wrapping cloth; The use of the central hanging cloth increases the capacity of the disposable hanging cloth, so the work efficiency is greatly improved (2.5-3 times higher than the ordinary type), the worker’s operating skills are reduced, and the quality of the wrapping cloth is improved.

Comflex wrapping-water-cloth-machine

Main technical parameters

1. Rubber hose wrapping range: Φ6—Φ25mm (produced by softcore method)
2. Spindle hole diameter: (mm) Φ80
3. Design speed: 750r/min
4. Main disc speed: (maximum) 650r/min
5. Hanging cloth form: center hanging cloth
6. Wrapping control form: automatic digital control
7. Unwrapping control form: automatic digital control
8. Tension control form: servo motor controls the cloth spreading tension.
9. The drive form of the whole machine: all use servo motors (the word film rewinder uses frequency conversion motors)
10. Center height: 986mm
11. Winding pitch: (mm) 30-70
12. Total motor power: (KW): 13KW
13. Dimensions: 3870х1300х1840 mm
14. Protection form: fully enclosed protection room
15. No cloth detection function: with no cloth detection and parking function
16. Cloth-broken detection function: with cloth-broken detection and parking function.
17. Traction pressing method: pneumatic pressing
18. Pitch adjustment method: automatic adjustment


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