High Speed Rotary Braider Delivery

High Speed Rotary Braider Delivery

Quality Assurance and Packaging: Before dispatch, each High-Speed Rotary Braider undergoes a rigorous quality assurance check. Our team ensures that the machine meets industry standards and adheres to the
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High speed rotary-braider

What is a braiding machine used for?

In the world of manufacturing and industry, precision and efficiency are the keystones of success. Enter wire braiding machines, the unsung heroes behind the scenes, responsible for weaving together
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bobbin winder delivery

Bobbin Winder Delivery

We are thrilled to announce the imminent shipment of our highly-anticipated bobbin winder to our valued customer’s site. As it embarks on its journey to its new home, excitement
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Comflex 96 carriers wire braiding machine

96 carriers wire braiding machine ready to ship

We are honored to announce that our factory has recently completed the production of a brand new 96-spindle braiding machine and will soon deliver it to our valued customers
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Comflex wire braiding machine

Indian Customer visiting for Wire Braiding Machine

We warmly welcomed our esteemed overseas clients to our factory recently. The visit provided an excellent opportunity to showcase our wire braiding machines. Besides, we demonstrate our manufacturing processes
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wire braiding machine inspection

Customer Visits Our Factory for Braiding Machine Acceptance

Preparations for the Visit: Before the customer’s arrival, meticulous preparations are made to create a conducive environment for the acceptance process. Our team thoroughly inspects the wire braiding machine,
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Comflex rubber-hose-extrusion-machine

Rubber Hose Production Line

Rubber hoses are widely used in a variety of industries such as automotive, construction, and agriculture. A rubber hose production line is a manufacturing process that produces a wide
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Comflex wrapping and unwrapping machine for rubber hose

Newly Made Wrapping and Unwrapping Machine for Malaysian Customer

Our Malaysian customer came to our factory to check and accept his wrapping and unwrapping machine for rubber hose. We will make some adjustments to the machine according to
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wire braiding machine delivery

ZGB 24 carriers wire braiding machine shipping to India

This product is a new type of wire braiding machine manufactured by our company. This machine adopts the principle of controlled rotation; the spindle is performed by circular track;
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Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd

Happy Work, Happy Life

It was a very happy group building, which enhanced everyone’s relationship. A person without team spirit can hardly achieve great things, and a company without team spirit will become
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