carbon and glass fiber braiding machine

Port:Shanghai, China 
Production Capacity:50sets/Year
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, D/P
Spindle Number:176 Motional Spindles + 88 Axial Spindles
Spindle Size:Volume of Fibers: Around 520cm3
Braiding Fiber:Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber
Braiding Diameter:as Customer′s Requirements
Braiding Length:as Customer′s Requirements
Servo Motor Drive:4X1.5kw


Carbon fiber 176 spindles braiding machine

Radial Carbon and Glass Fiber Braiding Machine

I. General Introduction

1. Braiding machine head: horizontal type, adopting radial structure design. It means that spindle motional orbit is inner cylindrical orbit. Spindle is radial direction layout.

2. Braiding type: horizontal type, continuous reciprocating braiding(two-dimensional, three-axis braiding)

3. Braiding material: carbon fiber, glass fiber and other high performance fibers

II. Equipment structure and parameter

1. Spindle number: 176 motional spindles + 88 axial spindles(0°spindle)

2. Spindle size: volume of fibers: around 520cm3

3. Braiding fiber: carbon fiber, glass fiber. Fiber specification: 3-12K(diameter of carbon fiber), 900tex(diameter of glass fiber)

4. Braiding diameter:

1) The maximum diameter of process workpiece: 500mm (If one braiding layer cannot full cover, it can be braided repeatedly to reach the fraction of coverage)

2) The maximum length of braiding mandrel: 2000mm

3) Braiding angle: 30°-70°(it can be set and continuously adjustable); Accuracy of braiding angle: ≤3°; It can continuously change the braiding angle to braiding.

4) CNC dividing head accuracy is 0.1°(CNC dividing head driving motor: 0.75KW)
Radial Carbon and Glass Fiber Braiding Machine

Radial Carbon and Glass Fiber Braiding Machine

5. Braiding main engine movement

1) Main engine adopts servo motor drive: 4×1.5kw, vibrating motor: 2×0.25kw

2) Spindle rotate speed: 0-2rpm, or transmission gear assembly rotate speed: ≥88rpm, stepless adjustable

3) Machine feature: inching and continuous motion

4) Noise when braiding: ≤85dB

6. Structure of machine head

1) Horizontal type, spindle motional orbit is inner cylindrical orbit. Spindle is radial direction layout.

2) Equipment maximum dimension: 6000×5000×5000mm

3) Fiber breakage and wireless detection switch, control machine stop.

Radial Carbon and Glass Fiber Braiding Machine
7. Traction parameter

1) Ball screw and linear slide rail movement

2) Power: servo motor: 1.5Kw

3) Traction speed range: 0-3500mm/min

4) Maximum stroke: 2500mm

Radial Carbon and Glass Fiber Braiding Machine
III. Equipment accessories and spare parts

1. Type of braiding spindle tension spring: (3 types of spring)match with different tension spring according to the diameter of fiber

2. Provide 4 types of chromium plating and polishing braiding rings(according to customer’s product standard)

3. Standard configuration of the equipment: including 200 spindles and 600 bobbins

IV. Environmental requirements

1. Ensure the cleanliness of the production environment

2. Machine has independent operation room, humidity control between 40-60%; Electrical control cabinet and machine separately placed. (Good light permeability of operation room, to ensure that operator who stand by the electrical control cabinet can observe the running condition of main machine)

3. The height of the operation room should be meet the requirements of machine lifting

4. Lifting device (Main machine weight: around 7.5 tons


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