Curved -40℃ Rubber / Hydraulic Hose Freezer


rubber hose freezer

Equipment parameters

1. Rated power: 5KW, 380–440V (operating power consumption is less than 1. KW)
2. The lowest temperature: -40℃ (adjustable)
3. Hose cooling method: bending through, coiling and freezing (straight-line bending double inlet)
4. Scope of application: Φ6mm—Φ25mm soft core rubber hose and hard core rubber hose
5. Refrigerant: R404A (environmental friendly refrigerant)
6. Unit cooling method: air cooling
7. Insulation material: polyurethane
8. Channel diameter: Φ50mm
9. Dimensions: 1.8m×1.5m×2.74m
10. Rotating drum:
(1) Diameter: 0.9 meters
(2) Material: stainless steel
11. Door opening method: single door opening
12. Equipment configuration:
(1) Side circulation supplementary fan;
(2) Double evaporation fan;
(3) Outlet fan;
(4) High-efficiency heat exchange fins;
(5) Inlet tug assembly
13. Compressor and pressure control system configuration:
①Imported compressor (Emerson, USA)
②Imported pressure control system (Danfoss, Denmark)
③Imported drying filter device (Danfoss, Denmark)
14.Weight: <1.3T


Performance characteristics

1. Combination of door opening defrosting and electric defrosting, high production efficiency.
2. The key components adopt well-known brands, such as compressors, expansion valves, pressure controllers, etc., all of which are imported from the world’s famous brands: Danfoss of Denmark, Emerson of the United States, etc.
3. The extension pipe outlet of the equipment is equipped with low-temperature air curtain protection, which can reduce the amount of frosting of the braided dispensing hose and protect the temperature of the hose.
4. No wearable parts and low power consumption. Due to the application of advanced energy-saving technology, the actual power consumption is about 1 kWh/hour.
5. The built-in straight line and the curved channel are parallel, and the length of the freezer on the curved channel can be up to 15 meters. It has a wide range of applications, and it can completely eliminate the phenomenon of hose rushing for different rubber materials.


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