High Speed 18 ply bobbin winder


Product Description:

This product is the fourth generation fully digitally controlled high-speed bobbin winder independently developed and designed by our company. The machine all adopts automated digital control (human-machine interface + PLC control). The pay-off part adopts digital control and a special tension motor for pay-off, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the pay-off tension and greatly improving the stability of the plying. It meets the technical requirement that the pay-off tension does not change for a long time without adjusting the pay-off tension, and its working efficiency is 3 times higher than that of the ordinary steel wire plying machine produced by our company. Its joint stock quality meets or exceeds European and American technical requirements.

Comflex 18-ply-bobbin-winder

Technical parameters

Technical parameters    NameZHG-B-18 Bobbin winder
1Motor power5.5kw
2Take-up speed10m/s
3Take-up speed formConstant linear velocity
4Apex form of workPneumatic compression
5Bobbin Recipe Quantity5
6Working pressure0.3-0.5mpa
7Number of winding(Max)18
8Flat calle methodServo Flat Calle
9  Take-up control methodPLC+ man-machine interface digital control
10Pay-off control formSpecial tension motor + program control + tension sensor
11Pay-off control structureSingle axis independent control
12Form of tension controlConstant tension control (automatic)
13  Adapt to wire diameter(Max)0.4mm
14Power supply380V   50HZ
15Machine Dimension(L×W×H)


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